How to route audio

I am an intelligent, experienced and able person with audio production but the Nuendo routing structure in regards to the studio section/monitoring has defeated me. I just cannot get my head around how it works. There is nothing out there that speaks my language, the manual, youtube, online searches do not help . I don’t know how anyone can understand it and I am i the middle of nowhere and I know no one who uses Nuendo. I have had numerous conversations with Steinberg but it still is not clear. I will give someone $50 via Paypal just to have a ‘team viewer’ session with me for a couple of hours and help me make sense of it. I have never been in a situation like this and I am sure when I discuss it with someone the light will switch on. Any takers? Maybe you know of a resource that speaks in the English language

It really is not that complicated, sorry to hear you are struggling.

Once you get your head round this it’s actually a really powerful feature.

Most people struggle with the control room at first and without any further information I would guess this is where your mistakes are.
The most common mistake is that people try to use the same outputs to drive the speakers and the main mix bus.

If you get more specific I am sure the forum is happy to help.

I’ll have time this weekend probably, so we can maybe set up a skype session or communicate with texting or emails. No payment needed. Best bet is to both quote me and post a reply to this thread and then PM me as well, otherwise I’ll miss it.

Or you can ask more specific questions here and people might answer.