How to route external input to STEREO OUT in Cubase Pro 9

I’m using a few external synths mixed together through an A&H ZED14 Mixer leading as one output into my RME HDSPe AIO, running Cubase Pro 9 on Windows.
How can I route this input signal to Cubase STEREO OUT? Right now the external instruments are showing in the MixConsole as instrument tracks but these sounds are going directly into my Sound Forge which I use for recording. All other VST and Audio sounds are appearing at STEREO OUT before also going into Sound Forge. So right now I’ve now way of mastering my external synths in STEREO OUT as the signal is not getting there.
Any support is greatly appreciated.

As I read your setup, it looks like there is simply no Audio track (but only Instrument tracks) that you should create, to route the output of the ZED14 mixer to the Main out in Cubase.

Hello Fantom,
thanks for your prompt reply.
But all my vst’s are instrument tracks as well, consisting also only of midi files, isn’t it? And the vst sound is appearing at the main out without the audio track. Is there no other way to route the external input directly to the main out? If I do as you suggested, does that mean I’ve got record an separate audio track for all my external instruments in order to route them to the main out?

The VST ‘sound’ is generated from within the computer, but not those external synths.

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