How to route fx the best way.

Hi, everybody.
I am fairly new to the producing in cubase but what I struggle to understand and find more info on is the best way to line up effects for my vst’s in cubase. I got my cubse 8,5 through school and now I am working alone on some projects that I struggle to get the best out of.

I layer alot of my melodies with different type of sounds to add more spice and unique sound. What I struggle to understand is how to route instruments to get the best out of my sound. I read about bus/fx channels/group channels/etc I read about people sending sound “here and there” in cubase, where they can work on eqing the effects and not the main sound it self.

What is your tips on working on multi layered melodies/sound? Do you use fx-channels? is this only good for saving cpu or what other benefits do I get from doing this? Please address if this has been posted before and give me a link :slight_smile: All tips and tricks regarding how to get the best out of Cubase is much appreciated <3