How to Route Kontakt to Sampler Tracks?

Hi all, I noticed a composer using sampler tracks kind of like slaves to a master instrument track with one instance of Kontakt. Each new instrument loaded into Kontakt would route to a new sampler track below it. Kontakt automatically routes it’s instruments to midi channels 1-10 as you load them. So it seems all that’s needed is to assign each sampler track a midi channel (1-10), and link them to the kontakt instrument above.

You can see an example of this setup here: Notice each sampler track has a small grey box indicating the midi channel it’s routed to. (He’s using Cubase 9.5).

My problem is that when I load a sampler track, I don’t see that grey box or a way to assign it to a midi channel. I’ve checked under ‘track control settings’ for the sampler track and can’t find anything like it. Am I missing something, or is this a feature that only exists in Cubase 9.5?

I don’t see that guy have a single sampler track in his project - as far as I can see he uses midi tracks… and if you press F11 and open Kontakt there as a VST instrument and not as an instrument track you can assign many midi tracks to the same instrument by picking the midi channel assigned inside Kontakt

OK, midi tracks would make sense. But the reason I said they were sampler tracks is because they have the sampler track icon (a bunch of parallel lines of different lengths), and not the midi track icon (a semi-solid circle). But perhaps 9.5 has different icons, or perhaps he customised his.

Anyhow, thanks for the advice, I will try and replicate what he was doing with midi tracks.

Sampler track has vertical stripes… midi is horizontal and has been the same for years

I’ve only used Cubase since version 10, but on this version midi is a semi-solid circle, perhaps to avoid the kind of mistake I made above! Anyway thanks again, I managed to get it to work :slight_smile: