How to Route MIDI Data Out to Audio Interface?

I’m trying to route MIDI data to my audio interface, and from the interface out to a MIDI sound module (that outputs sound), but the MIDI data is not getting to the MIDI sound module.

I’m using:
Cubase Pro 10
M-Audio M-Track 2X2M audio interface, with MID in and out.
I’ve got a MIDI keyboard going into the M-Audio interface. Cubase is receiving MIDI from the keyboard, via the M-Audio interface. But the MIDI sound module is not receiving any MIDI data from the audio interface, either from the keyboard (through the M-Audio interface), or from Cubase.

The M-Audio interface is receiving audio from Cubase and outputting it through it’s headphone output.

I did find out from M-Audio that the M-Audio interface works on channel 2:
“Next, in your preferred Digital Audio Workstation, set the track that you are attempting to play/record into to channel 2 . Most DAWs default to channel 1 and the instrument channel on the M-Track 2X2M is set to send on channel 2.”

I’m not sure if this is the problem, but if so, where do I set this? (In Studio Setup > then ?? - I tried a bunch of things here already.)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

is the midi out of the midi track set to a midi out port on the m-audio?

is the midi out of the midi track set to a midi out port on the m-audio?

Thank you! Your comment gave me the clue I needed. I created a MIDI track, set the output to the M-Audio interface, and it started working with Cubase and my MIDI keyboard.

Thank you.

excellent! happy to hear you got that sorted out.