How to route Midi track to Instrument track

Hi guys, How can I route Midi track data to VST Preset Instrument track?

You cant’t.
Natively with cubase, that is.
A Instrument track receives MIDI from a physical MIDI port, NOT from a MIDI track.

You can however use a MIDI loopback port: out the MIDI track to this port, have the Instrument track receive from this port…

Hi Tabsel,thanks for the reply,What’s a " MIDI loopback port" and how do I set it up

Anyone has an answer?

Connect a MIDI cable from a MIDI out port to a MIDI in port of your used MIDI / audio device. Send from the MIDI track ou, receive on the instrument track.
Or use a software that can do it. Once moree, Google might be your friend.

Hi Thinkingcap,Thanks for the response.I’m using mlan firewire for audio and midi so I’m wondering how I’m going to set this up.

Simple way to do this is to select the midi track with the midi data on it and just drag and drop onto the VST instrument track

Okay Scaremonger,Go right in and serve yourself a fudge Sunday and a slab of ice cream cake ,all on me :smiley:

Scaremonger,Failure to launch Bro, “drag midi to Instrument”,a no go.No sound.Any other ideas?.

Hi Easywinner,
Try locating the midi track in media bay. Once it has been indentfied/ located you “should” be able to drop from media bay. You might have to re-scan the folder to make sure it shows up. good luck

Ok Rotku60,I’ll try that

Of course you need to load an instrument in the instrument track…

“Of course you need to load an instrument in the instrument track” Ok.Roger that:)

Yep - I guess I just assumed that you had an instrument mapped to the Track to start with . I have just done the drag and drop and it worked fine. Erm , thanks for the food offer, but am trying to lose a little weight. Whisky is fine though … :sunglasses:

@Scaremonger,thanks for the insight Bro.

At the risk of missing the obvious, why don’t you use the Instrument Rack instead of an Instrument Track? You CAN route a MIDI track to an instrument in the Rack without the need for external MIDI loopback (HW or SW).


Thanks Ron,That sounds like a good idea.