How to route recorded tracks to external gear and back?

Hi, I have serious trouble get my recorded track out of Nuendo to my external BAE EQ for some tweaks and then recording it back in Nuendo.
I have the RME DS 8 so I have multiple ins and outs. But I am not understand how to set things up in Nuendos connection.

I do like this, Creating a new OUTPUT track which recievs my recording I then try to route from the OUT-trackto a availble INTRACK for an EQ:ed version. I can send the audio internally using the sends TO but not back IN to Nuendo…

Gaah drives me crazy! Please help.

Best regards Micke S.


The easiest way is to use External FX bus, which is designed exactly for this.

Open VST Connections > External FX. Click Add External FX. Set the name of the bus (probably BAE EQ), set Send Configuration (Mono/Stereo…), and Return Configuration. If you can/want to control the effect via MIDI, you can Associate MIDI Device. Click OK.

New bus is created. In the Device port column, set your Input and Output ports, where is your BAE EQ connected to the RME DS 8. (Send Bus = Output; Return Bus = Input). You can also set Delay, in the Delay column, if you know, the BAE EQ has some latency. And you can also define Send and Return Gain, if needed. The settings is done, now.

Add an Audio track, open Inserts, and find the BAE EQ, which is located under the External Plug-Ins folder. Use it (almost) as a plug-in.

Jesus Martin, you save my whole week with your answers. Again, many thanks!


I was a little hasty there… After setting up efx-busses I now have signal from DS 8, 3/4 out to my BAE eq and back in to Nuendo on IN 1/2. I can see the signal but there is no audio to hear. When disengaging the inserts in Nuendo the audio is audible… What am I now doing wrong!?"!

Please some more help…/Micke.


So you can see the signal on the input meters of your Audio Device? Can you also see the signal on the Input Bus of Cubase?

Is the Send Gain and Return Gain set to 0.00dB in the “plug-in” window?

Are you sure, you set the correct Inputs/Outputs? Send Bus 1 to 3/4 out and Return Bus 1 to 1/2 In?

Maybe lets try to attach some screenshots.

Sorry for beeing stupid but… how do I make a screenshot?


ok, I will get back later after weekend regarding this…

Ok I have solved it… Thanks!