How to route stereo bus into two mono busses

we would like to connect to other studios via Source connect: left channel audio, right channel LTC.
The Source Connect Plugin is a stereo plugin; how do I manage to split the stereo bus into left channel audio (to hear) and right channel (to chase LTC via Nuendo)
Any ideas?

Probably use child-busses when setting up. I haven’t actually used SC on Nuendo so I couldn’t tell you, but I bet that’s likely your solution.

If you are reading the SC setup guide for Nuendo it was written in 2004. The number of times I’ve tried to make it work… Get yourself Zoom or whatever man. :wink:

I strongly suggest to use a modern (and basically free) tool like Sonobus instead of Source Connect.


Depending on the market and segment it’s possible that SC is the only option simply because it’s “standard”.

If anything I’d pick Steinberg’s solution over third parties (if not using SC).

You can use Mix6to2 to cut one side in a stereo chain, so make 2 groups, one for audio and another for LTC, route all the audio to the group, cut the right side using the plugin, and do the opposite on the LTC, finally send both groups to another summing object i.e. a group or an output that has the plugin.

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