How to route vsti midi out to another vsti

I recently purchased thesys from sugar bytes but cannot get the midi out to work. I’ve searched this forum perhaps not with the right keywords but cannot find an answer any help would be greatly appreciated.

Well, I don’t know that instrument, but, usually, an instrument or plugin that generates a MIDI output should have that output available in the list of sources to other MIDI/Instrument tracks, just the same as your regular MIDI controller.
On the other hand, you’d have to check that “thesys” is indeed set to transmit the MIDI in the first place (can’t help you with that bit, sorry :wink: )

Thanks yes it creates a midi out which I have routed to the midi in on another track but nothing seems to happen. The unit says it’s outputting midi, trying sugar bytes forum as well to no avail.

Btw… which version of Cubase (your profile says 5.1.1)?

Cubase 7 latest version (excluding the new 7.5 release of course) updated a few weeks back (0.6 I think it was) forgot about my sig been ages since I actually had to post anything I almost always find my answers in a quick search.

Well, I just downloaded the demo of Thesys (a very dangerous thing for me to do… I am usually far too trigger-happy on the “Purchase” button :stuck_out_tongue: ), and it is working perfectly here.
(… What a great fun plugin… damn you! :smiling_imp: :laughing: )

(The dumb questions, first of all :wink: )…

  1. I presume its internal synth is playing o.k. for you?
  2. The receiving MIDI track is record/monitor-enabled?

Internal synth plays fine and yes it is record/monitor enabled.

… and the receiving MIDI track is showing no MIDI activity at all?.. even if you load the Thesys preset, MIDI Programs>“Beside Me”?
And the track list looks something like this?..

Other plug-ins work fine (catanya2 from 7 aliens) but Thesys in the extract same set-up does not output midi? It plays it’s internal synth fine and the midi out light is flashing away but nothing. Don’t understand what is going on that doesn’t work here?>?>?

Cubase Preferences / midi filters etc ? Worth a check. Try turning that sysex filter off.

Good thought but sadly no changes seem to make any difference. I’ve emailed sugar bytes support. So weird that it works with other vsti’s that create midi outs.

But it does work here, for me. I wonder if it is platform-dependent? (I am on Mac here).

If anyone is running thesys successfully on a win7 machine running cubase 7.0.6 any help would be greatly appreciated. Referring specially to midi out to any other vsti not the internal synth.

Apparently the fix was to update the USB-licenser software for cubase. No idea why but thesys is running properly now and that’s what matters. So odd that everything else worked without issue, Thanks all for the help and troubleshooting tips.

(but it would never have occurred to me to update the eLicenser! :blush: :slight_smile: )