How to run Elements trial?

I got Elements 2 trial and activated the trial license in soft-licenser.

Each time I start Dorico it runs Pro 2 version (and requires “Orchestral Librarty” on start). How can I run Elements 2 Trial?

I really need to trial the Elements 2 version, unless you are offering the pro at the same price.

BTW: in the email you really have to correct this:
Acitvate your Dorico Elements trial version”

BTW: Dorico crashed when “create tuplet” → input: 3:0
The oldie division by zero crash I presume.

Tried to convert a (midi file imported) “1/8 1/16 1/16” output to triplet - no success yet.

For the sake of forum organization and searching, you should probably post this crash behavior as a new topic. Just a thought.

Sounds like you have both Elements and Pro installed. Make sure you’re launching the correct version. How are you selecting the app for launch?

I’m pretty sure they are the same binary, and activation decides the version offered. Nevertheless, they download link in email to Dorico Elements 2 Trial took me to Steinberg Download Assistant (already installed, it could have checked that), where the only elements choice was “Dorico Elements 2” (which I downloaded). I installed it and it installed as “Dorico 2” only.

Then I followed the instructions in email:

Acitvate your Dorico Elements trial version

Once you have downloaded and installed Dorico Elements and HALion Sonic SE 3, double-click the Dorico Elements icon on your Windows desktop or in your Mac’s Applications folder to get started. You will then be prompted to enter your activation code:”

When you launch Dorico 2 (only one icon available), it offers enter code command on start, which takes you to eLicenser software. I have Cubase Pro 9.5 dongle, but I entered the trial serial to soft key and it was accepted ok.

I’m really experienced with software (coding, using and beta-testing), so I usually do not mess things up myself. I’m happy to receive info that I have, if it solves this :slight_smile:

I’m sorry you’ve been having problems with your Dorico Elements trial. Could you please send me the last eight characters of the activation code you received in the email? That will help me to look into this further.

And thank you also for reporting the typo in the email – I have alerted the necessary person and we’ll get that fixed as soon as possible.

1966 8710

Thanks. It seems to be running as pro just fine (in 30 days mode?) now, even if eLicencer says “Dorico Elements 2 Trial, Steinberg, SeL, Demo, Expiration Date: 2018-09-04”.

I have done some extensive test work with Pro, can those files be opened in Elements?

Yes, you can open files with Pro features in Elements, and save them non-destructively.

This was absolutely crucial for me, since I have several folks who collaborate with me, and they can use Elements.

Thanks for those final eight digits: your trial license is definitely for Elements rather than Pro.

I think what must be going on, Pekka, is that you have got a time-limited ‘All Applications’ license on your USB-eLicenser, and when it’s connected, Dorico is using that license rather than the Elements license on your Soft-eLicenser. Try unplugging your USB-eLicenser before you start Dorico Elements and see if my hypothesis is correct.


You were correct. Elements runs when USB-key is detached. When I attach it again, Pro runs.

Problem is that I need to run Cubase 9.5 at the same time (for playback etc) so the USB key has be in.
I seem to have to just trial the pro 2 and then check out separately if Elements 2 has all the tools and symbols I need.

BTW, when I ran Elements, reattached USB and then run Pro: it started by hanging at “audio engine: waiting for connection”. Not a biggie, but just reporting. After killing it I had to kill VST audio engine process to start Pro again.