How to sample FAST with Halion + Cubase

Seriously, guys… I’m building my guitar multisamples now effortlessly.

Here’s what I do:

  1. Audio track in Cubase
  2. Turn off precount, metronome, punching, looping (so I can record forever without having to take care of lanes and all that)
  3. Just record note after note, sound after sound, no need to take care of anything

And now the UBERHAMMER:

Cubase has a function called “find silence” in the “Audio” - menu which slices the whole record into nice little samples for you. Drag & Drop and you’re done.

Now I’m going to learn round robin and keyswitches.

Having said that I want to add that I love the combination of Cubase and Halion more and more everytime I touch them. I wish all of Cubase was like this. :smiley:


And the round robin and keyswitching seems pretty solid from what I’ve read in the manual so far. If you’ve got old 32 bit library VSTi, this may be the way to get those sounds again, so for me it is worth it to know these things, and be able to do it quickly.

1:detect silence does not creates “real copies” of the sliced samples… is dragging to halion creates them automatically ?

2:what is round robin ? :unamused: