How to save a vst preset...WHERE I WANT TO SAVE IT!!

What am I overlooking here? All I want to do is save an Albino vst preset, or any other preset for that matter, in the location I want it to be saved…not the default Steinberg location of c\user\user name\my documents\vst presets\linplug.

I want all the program information for my project to be in 1 folder. Is that too much to ask? I don’t want certain files in My Documents and other files such as .cpr’s and audio files in another designated project file. I don’t mind if it is auto saved to the My documents folder, but saving to the folder of my choice is important as well.

Back up project doesn’t appear to be the answer. From page 52:

"When you back up a project, all media files (except those coming from VST Sound archives) can be included as a copy.Video clips are always referenced and not stored in the project folder.VST Sound content provided by Steinberg is copy-protected and will not be included in the backup project. If you want to use a backup copy of a project using such data on a different computer, make sure that the corresponding content is also available on that computer."

Any suggestions?

One of the things that has annoyed me about Cubase since v3. The thing that really bugs me is that the code does not, for some stupid reason, allow the user to enter a path. For ex., if you want to save the cpr to another dir., all you have to do (if you don’t want to browse) is type in the path in the filename field. But you can’t with vst presets. If, in the ‘new preset’ field, I type C:\Temp\vst\1, you would expect the 1.vst to be written in C:\Temp\vst. But no - instead I get an error saying, Could not create file “C:\Users…” Bugs the hell out of me, and it’s the type of thing that can and should be done. But if it hasn’t been done since v3, I doubt it ever will.

Maybe I’m missing something, but I fail to see the problem here…

I think there may be some misunderstanding of how presets work…

When you instantiate a VST and load a preset, then save the project and close it, both the name of the preset and the preset’s settings are saved with your project.

When you reopen your project, both the preset’s name and it’s settings come from your project file. The settings are not reloaded from the preset.

Try it for yourself: Create a new project and add one audio track. Add a Steinberg VST (I used one of the reverbs). Turn all of the knobs all the way up (so you can recognize your settings), then save the preset, save your project, and close your project. Then locate your preset file (Windows: My Documents\VST3 Presets\Steinberg Technologies_vst name_) and delete your preset file.

Reopen your project and you will see the VST still shows the preset name you saved, and the settings are exactly as you saved them. If you click “Load Preset” you will not find your preset in the list (because you deleted the file), and if you change to a different preset you will not be able to go back to the preset you created (unless you save it again before changing it).

To each his own, but I have found that life is much simpler if you just let the computer program put stuff where it wants to (absent a compelling reason to do otherwise). That way both you and the program know exactly where things are.

Again, YMMV, but you might want to think about the stuff that’s in my post…

I think you are misunderstanding here. First off, as for me, there is no misunderstanding of how presets work. I (and i am pretty sure greggybud) are not talking about presets saved with a project file. I (we) are talking about presets saved in locations other than were SB wants them to go, for use in later projects. So, you have cpr.1, load Albino, dial in some settings, and save this as a preset. You save and close cpr.1, and those settings are still there, b/c they are saved with the proj. Now, you start a new proj, call it cpr.2, and want to load that preset you saved earlier. Well, that preset can only be in the directory set by SB; when you saved that preset originally, you do not have the ability to save it to (and then later on load it from) wheer you want to.


That is definitely not easier most of the time. In fact, that tends to make things more complicated.

I cannot and don’t want to rely on this ‘clever’ method either. It makes me feel I’m not in control of my files. There are transformer presets, track presets, plugin presets, VST Sound Set Content, VST Expression Maps, Project Templates and they are all installed/saved into different folders. Why? Maintenance-wise this is a disaster.
What if you have to reinstall your system? How will you ever find all the relevant presets on your backup drive and put them into place on a fresh system?
What if you want to give a preset to someone else? You have to dig and search your system. I know, Mediabay will tell you after a right-click and choosing ‘Show in Finder’ but there are still people for whom Mediabay is unusably slow. Mine keeps rescanning any folder I select although it was scanned a million times before.

My suggestion: All Cubase related files mentioned above should be placed into one folder by default but the user can choose to store wherever he likes.

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Ive been meaning to backup my sets of presets and ALL OTHER custom settings, but its pretty tedious to locate them all and therefore havent done it yet. I will one day, and probably have a BUNCH of folders inside a single folder, so I know where to place them on a new/restored system. Either that or a TextEdit file, stating where they all go… :frowning:

At LEAST, have Cubase create a “Custom User Settings” folder when there is a custom preset/setting created. Cubase would still have total control, if thats the goal, but us users would be able to navigate and backup easy enough without having to put it off till we feel like doing some HUNTING. We could just take the parent folder, and all the subfolders would come along for the ride. :slight_smile: I would LOVE that! It’d be as simple as backing up a project! Come on!..!..!

My biggest issue is consistency. Waves, UAD, and many others have their own “save preset” system which allows the user to save their presets where they wish to save them.

It’s also really nice to go to your project folder and view every preset for every effect and synth…all in one place. Unfortunately, from what I understand from the above posts, Steinberg has chosen to not make this an option.

While saving the preset with the .cpr works for me most of the time, there are many times when I would rather just be able to save the preset where I want to save it.