How to save all tracks to .wav

I’ve got 12 tracks imported into Cubase. I want to save those tracks (with EQ’s and inserts as applied by Cubase) separately. I’d like to end up with 12 .wav files for each of the 12 tracks.

Can’t see how to export these tracks individually … would appreciate any advice / instruction.


Look up Export Audio Mixdown in the manual.

Manual not much help or wouldn’t have asked the question. Anybody else please? Is there anything in cubase that will just download all 12 tracks to separate files? thanks!!

It’s all in the manual. You don’t provide any info as to system specs or Cubase version, etc…, so what kind of an answer do you expect?

Batch export feature will do that if you have Cubase 5 or better. That’s if you know how to export audio.

I think this is what you are trying to do…Go to file…export…audio mixdown…On the next screen select batch export at top left…select your tracs (channels) to export…make sure the stereo output channel is not selected… type in name and path where you want the file to go. select wave file and whatever sample rate and bit depth you want…ie 44.1 and 24 bit…hit export and you should see each track in a wave file in the path you selected…Then you can import these back into Cubase… I don’t think you can play these on windows media player but you can import these into Cubase and they will play fine…Hope that helps…

I know this is 5 years old but jeeeez, you guys are really rude. Dude was just asking for help, and the manual is not all that.

I only saw one post on here that kind of had a smart reply but all the others seemed informative. Don’t think anyone else was intending to be rude but even with “Guest’s” answer, he was right in the fact that the OP didn’t give enough information. As you can see in my reply, I gave a very pertinent answer “IF” he has Cubase 5 or later. Nobody knows what he has or what level of understanding he’s got concerning Cubase.
“Craig” also gave a step by step answer in an in depth explanation which I thought very nice on his part.
I feel that “rude” is mostly a misinterpretation on your part. This is why I don’t text because font has no intended expression.

I agree there was some really rude stuff on here. We NEED to support each otehr. The manual on this particular item is very poorly written.

I don’t do this so often and i always forget. Manual never helps.

Trick is the manual never gives the steps 1 by 1 as it should. You can export all your audio and midi tracks as once but it seems you cant and is hard to get there. There is no select all that i can see you have to choose them one by one and you have to change the name default to track to get good names.

If you are telling someone to read the manual just make sure you went there and if you had never seen this function before you could follow the manual from step 1 to 11 without any assumptions.

I like the manual on a lot of things a lot but it is poor in this area, very poor.

Cubase 9 so nobody complains!! It is a good question which version but also easy to reply if Cubase 5 and above then do this…

PS if dudes still on prior to version 7 they cant get that much help form most of us here anyway…

Who remembers how they did stuff way back when??? And i for one certainly don’t have 5 6 or 7 still installed…maybe 8.5 likely.