How to save and recall VST presets without overwriting the original

Many free VST plugins don’t have a library manager so rely on Cubase’s native system - which I’ve yet to understand. Someone please explain it.

At the top of the plugin’s window there are buttons and a drop-down box. The buttons to the left include something about A & B settings - what are those?

In the top centre is the drop-down box showing all the currently-loaded presets (and I don’t know how to load new presets from a file). This includes a dialog box for Saving and Loading Presets, which is what I find difficult to use. I want to keep the original preset list while adding my own new presets which I have saved to Cubase’s own browser (the one that looks like MediaBay). How do I do that? It seems to overwrite the current Preset but without amending the name of the preset to the one I saved in Cubase’s browser. Confusing!

There are also:

  • Import FXP/FXB… what are those?
  • Convert Program List to VST Presets - I don’t know what that means either


This button allows you to compare 2 different settings. Press A and make a settings. Then switch to B and change the settings. Now, you can compare these 2 settings by switching the A/B button.

Just write a new name of the new preset, please.

This is an old presets format. You can ignore this.

This is available in the HALion Sonic, right? You defined your own Program List. If you want to reuse it, you can save this set as one file to be able to load it quickly later on.

A long time since I looked at this, but I hope I can still get some help. I’m still quite confused:

  • when I save a preset (in Load/Save Preset) it does not change the patch name displayed in the drop-down box at the top of the plugin’s window, so I’m unsure which patch I’m editing
  • if I amend the name of the patch, as Martin Jirsak suggests, it overwrites the original patch name - it does not add the new patch to the list.

These two factors make using plugins which don’t have their own file management system confusing and difficult. I’ve yet to find a simple guide to doing this.