How to save Endpoint configurations that include information for Divisi strings?

Hello, I was finishing my orchestral template with all the expression maps and endpoint configurations when I met a dead-end: how do you save an endpoint configuration (for use in a Playback Template) that includes information for when Divisi is applied to a String Section Player?

This is the desired result:

  1. I saved everything in whatever way is necessary
  2. I load up the Playback Template that includes the Endpoint Configuration for Strings on an empty project.
  3. I create a new Section Player assigned with Violin. As usual, Dorico loads up the associated plug-in and loads the program with Violin I. I write some notes, everthing 's fine.
  4. At some point throught the piece, I decide I need a Solo Violin to separate from the Section, so I create a Divisi Change, and set it so it’s Solo and Gli Altri.
  5. What I would like to happen: Dorico automatically detects that I created a SOLO Divisi from the Violin instrument, and loads up a different plug-in/program associated with SOLO Violin. What happens right now: nothing playback-wise as Dorico uses the same VST/sound for the Solo Violin as for the Gli Altri, so the Solo doesn’t sound Solo at all!

I know I can enable independent voices on Play Mode and manually route the ‘‘Solo’’ voice to another VST, but I wanted to know a way to save an Endpoint Configuration that automatically does this when I create Divisis that include a Solo.

I think that if you create a Solo Player Violin and route it properly, and then save it inside an Endpoint Configuration, Dorico will do this when I create a Solo Player Violin vs. Section Player Violin, as Dorico can differentiate between the two. But would that happen to a temporary Solo passage that originated from a Divisi change inside a Violin Section Player?

I’m afraid there isn’t a good way of automating this at the moment that I can think of, because you can’t set up your endpoint configuration to handle multiple voices in the same instrument in the abstract, which is what’s needed to handle divisi automatically. This is an area that we certainly hope to enrich in future, since we would like to find a more semantic way of handling the assignment of sounds for divisi sections than effectively tying it to an internal voice identifier, as it is done at the moment.

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I understand. Maybe it’ll be on Dorico 4 (which i’m eagerly waiting for!). Meanwhile I’ll do it manually or just use the ‘‘workaround’’ of using a Solo Player.

I also wanted ask: what’s the best way to report a bug? I found one regarding spacing that happens when you assign multiple Lines to Rhytmic positions of Pick-Up Bars.

You can report bugs here.

I created a topic for the mentioned bug here: Spacing bug with multiple lines attached to pick-up bar