How to save Midi CC in Groove Agent 5 SE?

Hello everyone,

what is the “Use Hardware Controller Mapping” (under the Pads) option for - if I can’t save different controller settings like assigned Midi CC knobs?
Or am I missing sth. here?
And what is the option “Controller Assignment” (under Options / Midi Controller) - > save as default meant for? If you have say 3 hardware controllers, and you have different knobs differently assigned, this makes no sense right?

So how to save Midi CC assignment and load them?

Please enlight me, thank you!!!

This is for remapping the trigger notes of the Instrument Pads. It has nothing to do with MIDI CC.

By clicking “Save as Default”, your current MIDI CC Assignments will be loaded every time you open a new instance of Groove Agent.

Ah ok, thank you for your fast answer!
So fast reloading a Midi-CC Setup is not yet available, right?
One wish: pleeease programm sth. like that for a future update :innocent:
Thank you!!