How to save project with files....confused???

Here’s my situation…

I’ve recorded several parts from various vinyl records, so i have a lot of audio tabs in the “Audio Editor” window. My plan is to eventually edit all of them and save them, but I can’t finish editing everything in one sitting so i want to save the project and just continue this at another time, but i can’t figure out how to do this. This thing has been giving me a headache!.

I’m new to Wavelab. This should be so simple to do but i’ve spent ALL DAY going through the manual, youtube videos etc… but have yet to find out how to do this. Every time i try to save the whole project, it just saves the selected WAV file. I know how to render individual WAV. files once im done with them, but Like i said, what i want to do is just save the session/project so i can continue working on it later.

Im not one to just ask for a handout, i read manuals and do research but this has been really hard to find.

Save all individual wav. files and WL will open next time with the exact same tabs as you left it with. Not sure what a project file could do here since I don’t use that - but I’m sure it won’t accept recorded audio that has not been saved.

  1. Start by saving the default project (the one that opens automatically with each launch of WaveLab) as a new project: File > Save As > Project > Give it a name > Save.

  2. Open project manager (see under Tool Windows menu if you don’t have it visible as a tab) and drag & drop all the files you want to associate with the project.

  3. Start working by opening single files on separate tabs under one or more files group tabs (a generic tab for a group of single file tabs).

  4. The project is automatically updated as you work so there is no manual saving involved (i.e. you can close WL knowing your project is saved. Be aware though that other types of files such as audio and montage have to be saved manually).

  5. The next time you launch WL open the project file (just like any other file type) and continue where you left off.