How to Save SL Results in Nuendo?


Stupid Question … I know I’m missing something.

So in Nuendo 11.0.1 / Mac OS 10.15.7 I select an Event … right click and choose Extensions SL One . SL opens in the Lower Pane / Editor window. I do some editing. Below I just inserted a pice of where noise for testing.

When I play the SL Editor I hear the result. When I play the Project I hear the result. But the Project Event Waveform doesn’t reflect the change.

How do I close the SL editor and keep the edits? Various demos on YouTube don’t usually mention this. Nothing in the manual other than it saves “Automatically.”

“In ARA mode, the File Menu and Project Menu aren’t available as SpectraLayers One data is fully synchronized at all time with the host DAW. The DAW will automatically save SpectraLayers One modifications within its project.”

I guess it means that from now on whenever I Select the event edited in SL I see the SL editor? But what If I want to edit that event using a waveform display as normal? Am I trapped there? I can Bounce the part but that seems to lose the SL Project flexibility. If I reopen the bounced event in SL its just like a new event.

Is there a way in SL to print the edits to the Project Event but have the option to return to the SL Layers to adjust later?


Well I guess my doubts are correct…

If SL is run as an extension it kind of just sits there across the track and always shows up it the editor if the event is selected… kind of like a Plug in at the end of a chain. The only option is to Bounce the Event down which flattens layers and ‘starts over’. During the bounce theres an option to keep the original in the pool … so I could go back … but not easily.

It would be much better if the SL edited Clip automatically became a rendered version of the SL Project it represents. Then we could always select the event and re-open the SL project with all it’s layers. Like After Effects and Premiere does. That’s what I expected . Maybe ARA just doesn’t work that way?

But I really don’t feel inspired to invest in the real version …

What are other folk’s workflows with this? Perhaps it’s just me.