How to save the size of the - display, history, channel and layers sections?

Especially the layers section height is reset each time I restart Spectralayers.
Could be nice, if the heights were remembered.

Try the following:
-Adjust the UI as you want
-Click View > Interface Layout > Save, and give it a name
-Go to SpectraLayers Preferences > Interface > Layout File and browse to your saved layout.

SpectraLayers should then adopt this layout when it starts.

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Thanks for guiding me in this direction.

Well, I was able to save my layout, and also load it manually. But when SL starts, the saved layout wasn’t loaded automatically.

It’s easy to test, just make a layout preset, save it, close SL and start SL again.
SL starts with default settings?

Maybe it’s the activation manager dialog, that pops up on each SL start, that makes the trouble?