how to save user programs

I have a problem about saving my own sounds.
If I create a new program and than save it, halion sonic create a .vstsound file that is located in a certain directory and I can load it by drag and drop that file into halion sonic. But I can’t see this file as a default program, inside the windows of halion, in the user content! I think halion scan the wrong directory, is there a way to tell it where to search for my sound? The manuel is lacking about!
Thank you

I’m having the same problem. It’s pretty frustrating actually.

I didn’t use to have this problem, but Halion Sonic would not find certain of its preset files for no reason. So I had to reinstall, twice. Now that I didn’t try the amazingly advanced idea that is installing the content library on a dedicated library disk, and that I have thus clogged my small SSD system disk, it works OK and Halion Sonic is finally able to load all of its content.

It doesn’t see my user created content anymore though. Not even content that I create in it, then save.
Create a custom preset called “My New Preset.vstsound”, save it. Halion Sonic still doesn’t see it despite the fact it just put it there itself… There doesn’t seem to be a way to help it see it. Restarting HS or rebooting doesn’t fix it.

The number of available presets displayed stays at 1470 (HS + HSSE), when it should have been implemented by one. Oddly.

If anybody could provide help it would be very much appreciated. I’m really loosing it with HS… :cry:
Two days of work spent not working trying to fix that synth and its installation problems.