How to save volume settings in Halion Sonic 7

Hi, so I got halion sonic 7 for dorico, but I also use it in reaper to add more instruments and production. In reaper I mess with some volume meters to the left of the keyboard and when I save the song the preset resets that meter every time I try to load it back up. The other settings stay the same. Is there anything I can do about this? Someone in a discord for reaper mentioned possibly setting CC to save the setting, I don’t know how to do that either. Whatever you guys think would be easiest would be much appreciated.

What meters?
Have you tried setting the Levels in the Program tab? These get saved with the patch.

That definitely helps, but it doesn’t change the sound enough for me to work with my other instruments. That option also changes the quality of the sound.

It’s this meter on the bottom left that I highlighted.

The one on the left changes pitch, the one on the right adds volume (and some other things I think but mostly volume.) It also keeps the quality of the instrument intact. I just don’t know how to save it, for quartets and stuff it’s fine, but for music with more instruments it’s annoying to have to reset that one meter every time. Now that you can see it if someone can give me a better name for it that I could look up easier that would be much appreciated too.

Thanks for the reply!

What you circled are performance controls, the Pitch Shift wheel and the Modulation wheel. Every synth has these. Their positions/setting are never saved with the patch, not in any synth.
Search the HALion manual for the modulation and pitch wheels and the Cubase manual for adding lanes to the edit window.
Also look for Continuous Controllers (CC - there are 128 of them: CC1 for the mod wheel, CC7 for volume, CC11 for Expression etc.)
What you find will apply to most synths.

Ok, I found out how to automate the modulation in my DAW, thank you for the advice.