How to search this forum

For whatever reason this forum’s search facility is limited.

A better way to search is to use google.

Simply preface your search with:

You will find much more than if you use the forum search.

your so right steve the amount of times ive searched in google for a topic on steinberg . net because the search tool on this site is totally naff :wink:

good tip sir !


great tip.

Many thanks Steve

This is a great tip and a major contribution for those of us who still regret the passing of the “back in times” days when this forum was addressed specifically to Mac or PC users and had a forgiving search engine - somehow it seemed easier to dig up pertinent info on all sorts of esoteric topics. The banter and the characters themselves were amusing as well, but time moves on - cosmic in reality but running out for old farts like myself! Thanks for saving me a few precious hours. I spend less time looking for solutions on the Steinberg forums now and tend to use the “Global Despot” engines so this is a nice way to square the circle.

Kind regards



Mahalo Steve,

Mahalo curteye. I wish I lived in HI.

Still good to know :slight_smile: