How to see plugin latency?

how can one see the exact latency of all (or the individual) plugins on a track in Nuendo7 ?
In PT you can quit easy see the tracks latency state. StudioOne at least shows it in the performance overview (and transport bar). Does Nuendo7 have something like that?

I almost work 100% ITB, so in a lot of situations i need to know which track is actually creating who much latancy to avoid voice taltens complain!

Any help here would be very nice!


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Cubase/Nuendo has the constrain delay compensation button for these scenarios.

I’m very sorry - but you answer did not say anything that would help me in any way.
I need to know which plugin (vst2/3) creates how much latency…
the “constrain delay compensation button” didn’t tell you anything, it just disables plugins that might have too much latency - but how much?

any other idears? Isn’t that some kind of a must have in a ITB situation ??


From your description your problem is some plug-in chains contribute too much to latency which becomes an issue when recording talent. Rather than trying to figure out the latency of a particular chain and then disable that chain, simply use the “Constrain Delay Compensation” button. Plug-in window will show latency of any particular plug-in.

From the manual:

To avoid Nuendo to add latency when you play a VST instrument in realtime or record live audio, you can activate Constrain Delay Compensation. This minimizes the latency effects of the delay compensation, while maintaining the sound of the mix as far as possible.

The Constrain Delay Compensation function is available on the toolbar and in the MixConsole on the Functions menu.

Activating Constrain Delay Compensation turns off VST plug-ins which are activated for VST instrument channels, audio track channels that are record enabled, group channels, and output channels. VST plug-ins which are activated for FX channels are disregarded. After recording or using a VST instrument Constrain Delay Compensation should be deactivated again in order to restore full delay compensation.

In your preferences you can set a threshold for how many ms the maximum allowed chain will be.

Just found this topic as i am trying to find this info out myself.

Constrain delay compensation is only if you want to disable latency for a record/monitor armed track, so it will bypass latent plugins in that case.

But unless you go into the plugin manager, you can’t see individual plugin latency, and there is no way i know of to say total latency of the plugins on a track in Cubase

It’s funny when someone just wants to only answer you what they want, even when you repeatedly ask again LOL. Ahh… forums.

There are many uses to actually knowing the added latency to a track, as you yourself know, but i won’t go into that here.

yet another feature that is in S1, PT, even Logic, that I can’t find in Cubase.

Also to add, variable latency plugins do NOT report their latency correctly to the vst plugin manager…

They WILL compensate correctly in a mix, but for some reason plugin manager is stubborn and will only report one consistent latency.

If anyone knows if there is a way to see the latency of plugins on an audio channel, please do add something here… Much appreciated.

+1. It would be very useful to quickly see individual plugin latency (and for Instruments too, not just effects)