How to select a range from the locators (on a single track)

I’m looking for a command to select a range on a event from the locators positions only for the selected track.

The reason to do that is to be able to use the “delete time” or “paste time” commands on a single track.

Without that i do not see how it is possible to edit efficiently a single track from a control surface.

Actually the only way i did find is to use the mouse and the “Range Selection” tool, but it is not possible to use that from a control surface.

Let me know if i did miss something available in Nuendo or if there is a better alternative or workflow to use the delete time, paste time and similar commands from a control surface for editing on a single track.

Thanks for your help.

Those commands are global and not track based. You are trying to use global tools to do a non global edit. Not very efficient.

Explain what you want to accomplish (not what tools you want to use to do it) and I’m sure someone may be able to help.

For example, i’d like to place the left and right locators using the jog (no problem here), and use the delete time command to delete the selected range + move left the audio at right but only for the selected track.

Basically i’d like to use those global editing commands for single track editing.

I’ve seen that those commands can be forced been local to the track : using the mouse and the “range selection” tool, those commands become local to the track.

But from the control surface, i’m missing a “set range to locators on selected tracks” command to achieve this.

Oh think I see what you are trying to do, old Fairlight user perhaps?
I never work that way, but when I do want that style of shuffle editing I use shuffle mode. I’m not sure that will do exactly what you want, but that is what I use when I need ripple/shuffle type editing

No Fairlight for me. I did see a couple people working with it 20 years ago and it was for sure quite efficient. I did some video editing and some work with a few sound editing softwares as well as servicing on large SSL and Neve analog and digital consoles.

I did use the shuffle mode yesterday, the problem is that the snap on/off command is a toggle one, this mean that it is not possible to use it inside a macro. But it does the job.

So in the meantime i did a macro to select a range between locators on a single track, then i can cut later using shuffle mode directly from the control surface. I was not able to make a fully reliable macro, because the command set is not large enough and there is no conditional command available in the macro editor.

For control surface use, all commands should be available as on/off ones and not toggle ones. This is an inconsistency in the command set that must be fixed.

I did spend some time to design an editing command set for a JLCooper control surface, the command set available in Nuendo is more adapted to mouse work.

Are there other commands available using Eucon or an internal API / SDK ?

Hopefully we’ll get soon from Yamaha a Nuage “light”, with serious user support and a professional command set.

All the control surfaces around, from cheap ones to medium priced ones, all have user support problems or have a far from being professional design (with most of the time a cheap manufacturing quality). Steinberg support for those control surfaces seems to decrease (seems normal because they have now a few entry level options here), and interest / motivation from third party manufacturers seems to decrease as well.
I sent an email to JLCooper a week ago for an MCS-3800 Nuendo enhancement and did not get any answer…

I’m quite confident for the Nuendo future because it does have a very good basis and a good audio engine, but i think that efforts should be directed now to a more professional user interface (better control from surfaces, less confusing mixer, better graphics (better clip transparency) in the project and crossfade editor. And globally more consistency in the user interface design.

I will add that the macro engine as well as the project logical editor are underdeveloped. This does not help when trying to accommodate a control surface to Nuendo.

Nuendo staff should now go ahead faster (time is money), perhaps got more resources from Yamaha, listen for client needs and certainly do a full rewrite for some parts of the code with a more object oriented approach.

Thanks for helping.

more object-oriented editing/fx is apparently coming, been mentioned in nuendo linkedin group by SB.

That’s a great news if Nuendo finally get here soon. I remember i’ve seen this first in Samplitude at least ten years ago. At this time this feature was superb and really modern but i suppose that this software did not have enough audience to have a real influence on the market even if a few well known sound engineers did start to use it and did help giving some ideas for a more professional feature set.

Now even Reaper have this object editing functionality and for sure this will speed up implementation inside big names softwares.

For sure this is not an easy task and will need some deep work and serious and long testing but it is certainly a necessary road.

My first idea when i was talking about "object oriented " was at the code level. For example i can see some discrepancies in the code that would not have trigged with a more generalized object programming. For example, we can see that the midi remote engine do not have access to the mixer input filters functions (low pass, high pass filters and so on). This small forgetting would not have trigged with a deeper object structure in the code.