how to select active regions with lane editing

hi… can’t seem to figure out an easy way to select all the active regions when i’m editing accross multiple lanes. like… when i’ve created a vocal comp from multiple takes and i’d like to select just the regions that comprise the final comp. i know i can delete overlaps which will get rid of everything except the comp but i’m actually trying to do the opposite… remove just the regions that comprise the comp. does that make sense? only way i have figured out to do this is to select each region (one at a time) in the uppermost lane (the overview… not sure what that would be called) and then delete. there must be an easier/quicker way to do that?? thanks for any help.


You have to use the comp tool

here’s a video link how to do it in cubase. I’ts identical in Nuendo

thanks for the response. selecting across the macro lane with the comp tool selects ALL the audio that’s underneath it. works exactly like lassoing with the pointer tool across the macro lane… all audio is selected. not just the active regions which is what i want. if you use the pointer tool… hold down the shift key… and then select each slice along the macro lane you achieve what i’m trying to do. i was hoping there was a one click way to do that.