How to select and copy all chord symbols

How can I select all chord symbols in the score and copy them to another system?

You should be able to use the System track to select all

then use the Filter to only have the chord symbols selected.

I have to ask: To another player in the same flow? In that case, since chord symbols are available in principle for all players, you’d have to enable them for the desired player in setup mode!
Makes sense? :wink:


Benji, thanks, that helped.
Arco, I really don’t know , how to work with the system track on the IPad. When I select the system track, I see no option to select or deselect notes, chords or anything else. The filter menu is just empty. Where is the option ?

Select bars on the System track (it turns orange) - then click the white box at the right end of the selection (all selected items turn orange) - then the filter menu will be populated…

Edited: (The reason it is 2-step selection is because at the left end of the selection is a trash can, which will delete everything)
(It’s a long while since I used it!)

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The trash button deletes the bars themselves, not just system objects.

Thanks. But when I press the white button at the right end, the note selection doesn’t work properly. Sometime it works, sometimes not. See the attached screenshot, the box has turned white, but no notes are selected. Why?
Even , if all is selected, I don’t know how to filter the chord symbols. There is just no option to do it.

I have not seen this before. It looks as if Dorico is getting stuck at the point of selecting, because when I click the button the music is selected and the system track is deselected. In other words, I see the display in the screenshot only when I hover over the button, before I’ve clicked.

Anyone else?

Hmm, I’m not sure what’s up with that either. If you do get it working the filter is under Edit/Filter/Chord Symbols. You can create a keycommand for it too.

EDIT: D’oh, just saw this was for iPad. If it’s not the same, then nevermind!

For the IPad it’s not the same as for the desktop version. There are a lot of things missing, unfortunately. And it seems to me like Dorico for Ipad doesn’t always gets it right. Has anyone else these issues?

Sorry, perhaps I did not give you enough information.
1 Write mode: Tap the blue extend button as indicated at the top, then tap the system track above the measures you want to select. Tap the white button at the end of the system track selection. You say sometimes it does not work? Perhaps press gently but not too long on the button. Once you have done it a few times, your finger should know what to do? Be careful not to tap on the + icon near there.

2 It will disappear when you press it correctly and select all in those measures. Note the three dots on the top right

3 Tap the 3 dots for menus, Tap Filter at the top, tap Chord symbols as shown (do not try to find the Filter>Chord symbols if you have nothing selected)

4 You should then see your chords selected

Does this help?

That’s great and it helped. Thank you very much.

Glad it was useful.
You mention things missing from the iPad version, the comparison here might be helpful:

If you have problems or questions, post them here at the forum; someone might easily help or offer workarounds :slight_smile: