How To Select More Than 4 Bars in Score Editor?

Is there any way to get around the 4 bar limit in score editor? How can I select a passage that goes for say, 10 bars, when the screen only holds 4? I have tried to scroll through as I lasso-select the notes, but haven’t found a way to do this yet. I’m hoping it’s possible without having to go out of score editor.



Doesn’t anyone know the answer to this? It’s pretty straightforward.


Are you in the Page Mode? If yes, disable this mode, and make Score Editor “linear”.

There is no limit.

Thank you Martin, I will try this next time I’m on my music computer.

I know this is probably in the manual, but i’m just trialing Cubase at this point. I have AI and the trial of Elements. This will help me make a decision.

If it doesn’t work to you, make a screenshot and post it here, please.

OK, I’m back on my music rig. In AI, I can’t figure out how to change the page mode to “linear.” Perhaps this is possible in Elements, but not AI? I did check the AI manual, but can’t find it if it’s in there.

I am trying to open my Elements trial, which I did have up and running a few days ago, but now it opens only as AI. I recall seeing something about how to switch from one to the other, but unfortunately I did not write it down. (I have AI, which I assume is permanent, but Elements only as trial). How can I open elements to see if page view can be changed?

Thank you!

Hi, actually there is only way to switch to the Page Mode, and if you disable it, then you are in the “linear” mode. To do so, open Scores menu and disable Page Mode.

…I hope, Page mode is part of Cubase AI/Elements, and not Cubase Pro only.

I can’t find a Score Menu in AI. I did find Page Setup on the home screen, but this does not look like it has it.

I still need to know how to open Elements. I can only open AI at this point.

Then I would say it will be the same in Elements.

Could you post a screenshot how does it look like in your side? Why you cannot select more then 4 bars?

To start Cubase Elements, check your license in the eLCC.

I just open Cubase Elements and Cubase AI. There is no Score menu in both of them.

I made a GIF, how to select more then 4 bars, see attached.

But then I realised, maybe I misunderstand you. Do you want to select a notes in more then 4 bars at once? Or do you want to see more then 4 bars in one line in the Score Editor?

Hi Martin, thanks for your help! I want to be able to select a flute passage that runs over 4 bars. Say, it’s 10 bars long, and I want to copy it and paste it to the oboes. When I lasso the notes and move to the right, the screen does not advance beyond 4 bars. So, I can only select those 4 bars.

I can’t try your workaround, we are experiencing a power outage here in Maine, USA. I only can have a laptop going (I’m using a power inverter hooked up to my car).

Edit: I had a look at your attachment. Here’s my problem: my workflow is to use the entire score, all instruments, so I can easily move phrases around. So, I have to see all the instruments on the page. I select all, open score editor, and I do have them all visible, so no problem there. I just need to be able to select more than 4 bars, so I need the screen to scroll to the right so the selection can grab the next bar, or 5 bars as the case may be.

Unless I hear otherwise, I will assume that it’s not possible to do this in AI or elements. I think Artist would be the same as it also is listed as having a “basic” score editor. So, it appears that only Pro will do what I need it to do. Thanks for the help, I think I know what I needed to know.


So you have multiple parts selected (parts from different tracks) and you open it in Score Editor, right? And now, you want to select multiple notes in one of the part only (not in both of them), and you want to select more then 4 bars, right?

Yes, this is hard to achieve. But if your use case is to select all notes from one position to the end of the MIDI Part, hold down Shift modifier and double-click to the very 1st note you want to select. This note will be selected and all following notes in the MIDI part.

I see. OK, it looks like my preferred workflow is not possible (except perhaps in Pro). An alternative would be to work more in the track view. There, I can pick out the phrases, as they are displayed graphically. This makes it possible to select and edit phrases fairly easily. It would be a different workflow, but definitely possible.

The other major component of my workflow is using an event list. Sonar and Reaper both have this. I use it to add volume changes, velocities and other CC events. I don’t see that Cubase has an event list. What would be the easiest way to do this?

Yes, you can select it in the other editor, then it’s selected even in the Score Editor.