How to select "normal sizing" tool with single keystroke?

Simple one this. But it drives me f£%&$ crazy !

Pressing “1” for the select tool cycles thru 3 different tools, depending on which tool is currently in use.

  • the “normal sizing” tool
  • the “sizing moves contents” tool
  • the “sizing applies timestretch tool”

What I want to be able to do, is to select the first one (normal sizing) regardless of which one is currently active.

ie. when I press “1”, I always get the “normal sizing” select toll, without cycling thru the others.

This is such a basic thing, I’m amazed it’s not possible (or is it?)

Haha, yes. There’s been a solution for many years… You have to write a macro which does something like this:

  1. Swap to scissors
  2. Swap back to pointer

Then you change the key preference for key 1 to the macro.


P.S. Mind you, last time I was using the ‘Audio Container’ (or whatever it’s called, the window which can hold multiple audio parts in one audio event) the key command didn’t seem to work…


I tried that - it doesn’t seem to work. It still cycles thru the 3 types of select tool (?)

Ah, now that is very strange… Well, I’ve been using Cb6 for a while and I’ve not noticed it’s different!! But then as I think about it, I can’t actually confirm 100% that it’s working because I’ve probably only been using Cb6 for mastering purposes so far, so I’ve not been editing audio parts just lining them up and moving them around. Hmm, over to someone else then, until I can do some direct testing for you - and that won’t be till next week because I’m away from the studio for a long weekend.

But, if it’s changed, how about adding 3x pointer commands into the macro? Would that work?


Thanks for the reply Mike

Nothing I’ve tried in a macro seems to work…

having multiple “select tool” commands in the macro just results in either the tool staying unchanged (with 3x commands) or cycling in reverse order (with 2x commands)

Anybody else got any idea how to do this?

Ah, doh, it would help if I read the question properly!! Very sorry! No, you can’t do that, you can’t get it to go back to ‘1’ from another ‘unknown’ state.

And now I’ve messed up your post too, but how about requesting that Steinberg add some new commands for each different state?? I think it’d be very useful so we could then have separate key control of each one.

And while they’re at it, they could add in separate commands for things like ‘snap to bar’ or ‘snap to beat’ etc. That’s another one which has the same behaviour.


Aha! Got the bugger!

You need a macro with these 2 commands:

“Tool - Tool 2”
“Tool - Previous Tool”

Then assign key “1” to this macro

Then, if the “normal arrow” is already selected and you press “1” again, it stays the same and doesn’t cycle (which is the main thing that catches me out, every fecking time)

The weird thing is, the first command has to be “Tool - Tool 2” and not “Tool - cut tool”, which gives strange results

I’m so happy right now I could kiss you all :slight_smile: Well, nearly all.
Thanks mike for putting me on the right track.

Ah, excellent, well glad I was some help. Gotta say it’s a long time since I’ve looked into that area…

Actually, I’ve just looked at my macro and it’s

Tool - Glue Tool
Tool - Select Tool


That’s because Tool 2 is different in each of the editors but with that command it is always the second tool. If the editor has a select tool it is always the first tool in every editor.

The unfortunate thing with this is if you press 1 it will change you to the first tool always regardless of editor (I guess that could be good for some). I have option/alt alpha 1-0 set to tool 1-10 for that reason depending on the editor I am in. That way I can know 1 is always the selection tool.

I wish there was a way if you have sizing moves contents to always go back to “Normal Sizing”. Thanks for posting the Macro you discovered it is still helpful.

The thing that can happen with this is if you have something like the drum editor focused there is no glue tool and when you press the macro it will jump to the glue tool on the project page and then to the object selection tool in the drum editor. It jumps to that tool on whatever page it can, regardless of window focus.

Lippi said he has one to always go to the time stretch tool which makes me think you should be able to do this for Normal Sizing too but I haven’t ever heard back from him. I might need to just scour his posts and see if he posted how somewhere.

“You can assign keys for special duties, for example I have one when I want to change trimming to time stretch mode.”

Awesome, thank you guys!

In my case there is no need for the macro. I simply

Tool - Object Select Tool: Normal Sizing

and assign 1 as key to that.

Thanks for posting an update to this thread. It’s difficult to remember all the threads that need updating when they add new features that solve problems. They just finally added that in Cubase 10.5. The current version of Nuendo doesn’t even have this yet. I really wish Steinberg document stuff like this better and what they add in their what’s new. I had a whole set of macros I made when I would change a grid amount (8th note, quarter note etc.) to also make sure snap was on using Keyboard Maestro but they added that to always turn on. I could not find any documentation on that either in version 9.5 or 10. So glad they added these nice features.