How to select notes by velocity

How to select Midi notes by velocity?

Say I have hihats, some velocity 100, others velocity 50. I want to select just those with velocity 50, and increase their velocity to 70. How do I do this?

I searched manual, but cannot find this. I remember seeing this in some tutorial (but maybe for another DAW, not sure) where you just drag selection inside velocity window, and select notes that fall within velocity range.

You can make a logical editor preset that does it.

Select your MIDI track and open the Logical Editor (MIDI>>Logical Editor).
In the Logical Editor upper section:
Set “Filter Target” to “Value 2”, “Condition” to “Equal” and “Parameter 1” to “50”. This will select notes with the velocity of 50.

In the Logical Editor bottom section:
Set “Action target” to “Value 2”, “Operation” to “Add” and “Parameter 1” to “20”. Choose “Transform” In the “Function” box underneath. This will tell the Logical Editor to add 20 to the velocity of the notes selected in the previous step.

Click “Apply”.
That’s it :slight_smile: