How to select systems and force them into one page

Is there an easy way to select a number of systems and fit them into one page?



Yes! Select the first note you want to be at the start of the first system on the page, then Ctrl+click the note or rest you want to be at the end of the last system on the page, and in Engrave mode, click the Make Into Frame button in the left-hand panel.

Thanks for the swift answer. However, another problem came up: as soon as I had my 24 measures (+pickup) into one ‘frame’, the first system (4 bars + pickup), previously turned into one system, broke up into two system, leaving me with 7 systems on the page. As soon as I forced the two systems back into one, the page broke up again. Any help?

The “problem” is that you can’t have a frame break and a system break, both at the same place (in your case, both at the beginning of the score). But you can make a frame break act like a “frame + system break”.

  1. First, delete all the breaks in the score (select the “signposts” and click Delete) and start again!
  2. Select the start and end of the first system and do “make into system”.
  3. Select the start and end of the first page and do “make into frame”.

You now have three breaks - a frame break at the start of the score, then a system break, then a frame break at the start of page 2.

  1. Click on the Frame break at the start, and open the Properties panel (Ctrl-8).
  2. Switch the “Wait for next system break” option on. (The “wait for next frame break” option should already be switched on)

Problem solved!

Rob, you are completely right. I’ve no idea HOW it is solved, but the problem is solved, indeed. Thanks.

I have been following Daniel’s advice as above, however I am working on a part with a whole bar rest (I would like the rest to be the last bar in the frame) and I can find no way of selecting the bar rest in either Write or Engrave mode. Shift-selecting the barline in Engrave mode deselects my first selection. The only way I have found to get my frame break in the desired place is to include the next bar in the selection, make into frame, then select the barline after the rest in Engrave mode, insert frame break, and then delete the frame break from the next bar. Is this a bug or expected behaviour, or am I missing a trick?

Is it possible that the single bar rest is drawing as a one-bar “multi”-bar rest? Multi-bar rests can’t be selected, even if they are only a single bar in length. However, you can select the barline before or after the multi-bar rest instead, and that should work just as well.

Aha. I hadn’t realised I could just click the barline and then make into frame. I had assumed I needed to select the whole passage of music, and when selecting the barline the higlighting disappears on the first selection (first note in the frame) so I assumed it had deselected. Is this how it’s supposed to work? It seems a little counter-intuitive to me. If I click a single object and Make into Frame, does it make an assumption about where the frame is supposed to start or is it dealing with the selection purely as a page break?

You should find that you can use a barline to describe the position of both ends of the selection, as it were, i.e. select the barline that you want to be the start of the frame, then Ctrl+click to select the barline that you want to be the end of the frame, and then do Make Into Frame. You don’t need to have notes or rests selected, but I normally do as they’re a bit bigger and therefore easier to select.