How to select the master output by midicontroller


Does anybody know how to select the master output by midicontroller other than by selecting "mixer"or “Vstmixer” in the generic remote and then the apropriate channel?
The problem with this is that when you ad or remove a channel in Cubase, this assignment moves too.

I’m looking for a midi-string like the one on the Mackie control, or like on the Presonus Faderport. These devices have a dedicated “master” button that always selects the master. Tried to record the midistring from my faderport, but it doesn’t work…

I would also like to know the midi-string for “effect edit”, i.e.fx1>editor, etc, to open the plugin (same as the button on the vst-channel editor above the fx sends).



update: I have it working on Lemur now:

How to use the faderport dll
for FINALY being able to select the MASTER channel with any midi-remote
in CUBASE as selected channel.

This wil work for both the mixer and the channel-editor (e) AND your arangement track overview if you link those in the prefs.

(If you don’t see your output channel in your arangement tracklist activate and de-activate the write/read buttons of the master-section once, this will create a folder with all your in and outputs in your arangement view)

download the faderport dll from presonus or download it here from my dropbox folder:

1.Add the faderport dll to the components folder of your cubase install. For example:
C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 6\Components

  1. Start Cubase. Go to Devices | Device Setup

  2. In the Setup window, click on the “+” sign in the
    top left corner and select “PreSonus FaderPort”
    from the list of control surfaces

  3. In the FaderPort Configuration menu to the right,
    set only the MIDI Input to receive from the midicontroller you want to use to control the masterfader with (ipad with lemur/touchosc/other controller)

the midicode you should send to the faderport remote to toggle-select the mastersection or selected channel in cubase is:
Aftertouch #1:A#0, 1

in hex this is:
A0 16 01

use a prograam like Bome miditranslator to convert other messages to this one…