How to "Select Track" through Project Logical Editor?

Hello everyone,

I would like to build a shortcut for selecting specific midi tracks in my Cubase project, in order to add this function in my tablet’s template. I was wondering how can I script this in the Project Logical Editor, is there a way to do this?

Media Type is -> Equal -> MIDI -> And
Name -> Contains -> (add part of the track’s name here)
Function -> Select

Thanks M1000, I was missing the Function button… :slight_smile:

What if i just want the command to focus on a selected channel?

I cant find the command Meda Type is → Equal-> Selected Channel

Does this excist?


Look at the “Function” menu at the bottom of the window.

I can only select from these?

Sorry, TOTAL noob here…

My goal is to delete muted elemend JUST for selected track

the bottom of the window

I m8 thanks for you time!!!
I did a totally different thing, but it works!
This delete’s muted element only from selected track:

I was looking for 'Property → Property Is Set → Parent Object Is Selected

“Parent Object Is Selected” means “selected track” in this case, apperantly…

So you want to delete the track, not only select the track, okay. That was the long way around…

yes, i wanted to delete muted parts, but for just the selected tracks

sometime i have a LOT of muted elements in different vocals tracks i want to delete, this command does that

glad you sorted it out.