How to: selected audio -> to samplertrack

Hello everyone,

I just “discovered” the Sampler Track and have a question:
I have an audio track from which I just want to sample a certain area. Everytime I try to copy a selected area and drag it to a Sampler track - the whole audio event goes to the sampler. I know I can then define and splice it further. But it would be easier to just have the selected area in the sampler.
How to do that?

One way is to truncate the audio and bounce it. That creates a snippet version that you can drag and drop…
Another is to move the start and end points after dropping it in…

There are people smarter than me that will probably have an easier way…

Thank you for the fast answer!
Stands bouncing for copying a selected area and then putting it to a new audio track? Yeah well I’m not aware of aaaall functions available, as you see :smiley:
So I hope the way I’m looking for will be elaborated by someone :handshake:
→ select area in audio track, then just that portion in the sampler.
This would eliminate the slicing and so on …


When your Bounce Selection, the original Audio Event would be replaced by the new one in the Project window.

Then fresh and drop this new Audio Event to the Sample Track’s Editor (Lower Zone).

You could just trim the sample afterwards in the sampler
One extra mouse click.

Yes true - I just thought maybe there is a function just using the wanted area of an audio track. But maybe the way is to just trim it everytime…
Apart from this the Sampler is a great tool for inspiration and experiments - wuhuuu :rocket: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

If there is another answer or solution to my question - go for it cubase 13 is the base here - so maybe it has my approach in it - and I just don’t find it :smiley:

Thanks everyone for your infos!