How to sell my used Cubase 8 Pro software


I am currently in the prospect of selling my Cubase 8 Pro in order to switch completely over to Nuendo 7 + NEK for my complete music and sound design needs. I would like to enquire, however, if this is as simple of a procedure as I fathom it to be; just sending my Cubase 8 Pro package complete with manuals, intallation key and discs etc along with the iLok dongle, which holds my license inside it, to the byer? Do I need to hand over my steinberg account aswell, or how does this actually work? Or is selling your Steinberg software second-hand possible in any case?


P.S. Sry for the noobish question, this is my first time selling second-hand software. =S


Use this wizard, to get all necessary information, please.

Thanks a bunch! That answered all of my questions.

I am looking for cubase 8 to bay please let me know

Hi Martin,

If we wish to resell an update only, do I still need a 2nd USB e-licenser?

The resale wizard did not really answer this question for me.


You don’t need the 2nd eLicenser if you are selling everything. The reason for 2 eLicensers is because you need one to send to the buyer and one to keep your licenses on (the ones that you are not selling). If you are selling an UNACTIVATED update, then I would suppose you don’t need any eLicenser at all. Just send the buyer the activation code. But if you already activated an update, I don’t think you can sell that update by itself now.

Indeed I want to sell an activated update (C10). So I guess I cannot.


If you already activated the update, your Cubase 8 license changed to Cubase 10 license. So you have Cubase 10 license (only) now and this is the only one license you could sell.

Ok, understand how it works. And so I need to buy a new USB stick to give to the buyer?


If you have other licenses on your USB-eLicenser, you want to keep, then the new owner needs a USB-eLicenser. Please, follow these instructions.

who knows Why it is not mentioned in resale wizard? the wizard say Remove and reregister, so easy but people say other

This is a buyer message

Ive spoken with STEINBERG on the phone
thats what they said to me

I can call them anytime because I had a studio
many years a go and can call and know them.


I spoke with Chris and Jeff from Steinberg US tech support
on the phone . You can call Steinberg your self.
US phone number is US 844 358 4022


pro or artist versions can only be transferered by phsical USB
e licenser transfer only way ( elements and LE can be transferred
but not PRO or ARTIST level)

Is it really???
And I want to sell my license without my usb key


Who is “me” in this case?

You can easily transfer the license from one USB-eLicenser to the other one in the eLCC application just by drag-and-drop.

No it isn´t. As Martin said, You can transfer the license yourself to a 2nd eLicenser, no need to send your USB key anywhere.