how to sell your cubase 6.5

please can i have instructions to selling my cubase 6.5 and dongle to another user

Check the knowledge base for the re-sell wizard.

knowledge base?

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i think the poster means, as the 6.5 update was a digital download, how will the buyer be able to get the version 6.5 if they download the version 6 off of steinberg’s website, run the eLicenser, but will not be able to download the 6.5 update as it has been deleted by steinberg. so i guess the answer would be, the buyer has to write steinberg for the installer? whether it’s even possible is what the mods may want to clarify.

I would think the 6.5 update will still be available to download for Cubase 6.5 licensed users. The purchase of said update will no longer be available, however.

The full version of Cubase 6 has never been downloadable.