How to sellect MIDI highest notes?


I would like to select the highest notes in a MIDI track (to separate the melody to the remain).

I know Apple logic allow this and apparently not cubase. I found some link talking about that :

Some of these links are pretty old and I wonder if things have change and if a solution “easy to use” was set since then.

May be something is possible with the logical editor. I’ve already read the manual et watch tuto several times but but always forgot the process since I don’t use it so often. By the way I never completly understand it. Very complicated.

But if there is a solution with it I’ll be glad to ba able to copy the process or even “download” it.

Maybe there is a website gathering basic process made with logical editor that I can download.

Is someone have a solution?

Nothing really has changed. Did you the topic you linked? There are a workflows in there.

One thing to try that can get you rather close is this:
MIDI/Functions/Restrict Polyphony with a setting of 1 voice.

It works best with a perfectly quantized track.

(edit after watching the video)
OK, all it does is strip everything but the highest notes. Still might come in handy.

I don’t know of a way to make Cubase do this…wish we could inject our own scripts but alas the logic editors alone aren’t smart enough to do such things in a single pass, and as far as I know there isn’t a way to automatically trigger subsequent passes and keep track of some incrementing variable.

I’d probably tackle a scenario like the one described more like this:
Logical Editor to match velocity with pitch (so it gets a little louder as pitch goes up, softer as it goes down) and scale accordingly. This is usually pretty natural sounding…

Other options are to place dynamic emphasis on bar-ranges. I.E. a little louder on the beat, or softer every other beat.

The Logical editors are pretty good when it comes to sorting dynamics relative to beats or subdivisions of beats.

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The score editor provides a way to explode a stave into tracks, from there it’s easy to tag them with a voice (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, etc.) and merge it all back together. At that point Logic Editor can select by ‘voice’.

  1. Select all the parts on the track you wish to explode (right click a track in the track controls area and choose ‘select all events’.

  2. Open the score editor.

  3. Tap ctrl a to select everything on the score and go to Scores/Functions/Explode.

You have a lot of options to experiment with here. One method I find pretty quick and painless is to simply chose “To New Tracks”. Set Number of tracks to one less than your max number of voices (the current track will be reused).

In my case there are three voices in an organ part. I end up with 3 separate tracks for each ‘voice’ of the chord.

Now it’s easy for me to right click each track one at a time, select all events, then go to key-editor, tap ctrl-a (select all), and choose a voice (Soprano, Alto, etc.).

Now I can drag all the parts onto a single track again and do a MIDI Bounce. It’s all back into a single part.

At this point the Logical Editor can be used to select based on voice assignments.

The post linked above details two ways to use the Score Editor Explode feature: Logic “Select Highest / Lowest Note” function - Cubase equivalent? - #11 by WK1

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