How to send 1 MIDI channel to multiple plugin inputs?

Hi guys,

Quick question here since I have scoured the interwebz in search of an answer but unfortunately I have not found one as of yet. My question is:

Is there any way that I can create 1 MIDI channel, add MIDI data to it, and send its output to multiple plugins’ MIDI IN’s?

Example: I want to do sidechaining on various instruments. Each instrument track has a plugin which creates sidechain compression. In order to activate the sidechain compression, a MIDI note has to be triggered. I then create a MIDI track which routes its output to the MIDI In of the plugin on Instrument Track Channel n°1. Result: the plugin is receiving a MIDI signal and the sidechain effect activates itself.

The question here is: is there any way to send that MIDI channel to various MIDI In’s on each Instrument Track, just by using one MIDI channel?

Sorry for the extremely difficult explanation.

you mean MIDI data from a MIDI Track or you mean 1 MIDI channel?

In Cubase Pro, Midi tracks have “Sends”. Does that help?

I am talking 1 MIDI track that outputs to multiple MIDI INs on different plugins on separate channels.

MIDI Sends does have echo, however it seems to affect other midi tracks with, as it is named, a delay effect, or am I wrong?

Here’s what i do.

On a Midi track …

  1. Expand the “Midi Send” section of the left zone inspector, to see 4 Midi Send slots. (This is a Cubase Pro feature, not available in Cubase Elements)

  2. Activate a “Send” ON by clicking the button with the round icon

  3. Click the drop-down menu showing “Not connected” and select a target MIDI IN

  4. click the drop-down menu to a select a midi CHANNEL.

This took me a while to figure out, but it’s very useful.
eg. you can route the Chord track to a Midi track, and then use sends to route to multiple instruments, with transpose, arpeggiate, as you wish.

Is this what you meant, or am i missing something?