How to send a whole Cubae 5 project

Hello. I need this answered quickly. I need to send a whole Cubase 5 project to a software manufacturer for
analysis regarding a possible bug. I’ve never done this before. I have the tracks exported, but I need the whole project including the tempo track, etc for their observation. Can you please assist. Thanks.

Send a copy of the whole project folder. Issue’s going to be if they have all the same plugs.

They have Cubase 5 and the same plugins.Now,do I just send the.cpr file to them?

Send an XML archive.

XML Archieve? Sorry, but I don’t savy.

Never mind the “brainy” one - he rarely makes sense. As MM stated, you need the whole project folder. This should include subfolders audio, images, .cpr file …

Maybe do a backup project first to get the file size down and it’ll also make sure you only send exactly whats used.

XML archives contain all audio/midi information, as well as track names and so on (but not effects or the VST instruments window).

If your friend has all the plugins installed, send presets separately.

Great steinberg feature, only a pity not implemented in every product.

So in Cubase, it’s in the save as menu? I’ll look around. The company it’s going to has Cubse 5 and the plugins I
need so I’ll just upload the project folder.

+1 he talks total crap on most threads
just save and sent the whole project folder ,that will send all audio and midi settings

It’s in the file menu do a backup project, tick all the boxes in the dialogue box that pops up, set the new folder location and off you go.