How to send MIDI CC from track to Plugin on Other Track?

That’s about all I can say, with the info given. I don’t know about any limitation that would cause this, but like I said above, I don’t use this precise combination of features.

OK, thanks. It may not be possible to do in Cubase. It was a breeze in Reaper, and also possible in Studio One. But because of the many restrictions in Cubase it appears impossible.

The restriction that is most problematic is that only highlighted tracks can receive the MIDI CC data. Preferably any track should be able to receive MIDI CC data also when they are not highlighted and record enabled. Or there should at least be a switchable input.

And to not be able to use MIDI automation at the same time as recording MIDI CC to a track is also complicit in making it impossible, as far as I can see…

The third problem is that MIDI CC recorded to a MIDI track cannot be routed to a VST3 on an audio track. At least I have not been able to figure out how to do it.

This is not so. The track just needs to be record enabled.

Sorry, this also is not accurate. Midi continuous controller messages are midi messages. Automation is project based, and displayed in the automation tracks beneath tracks in the project view. While people use the term automation to refer to midi cc’s, they are not at all the same thing.

When you record moves you make using Quick Controls you are writing automation, not midi.

What is the midi message the VST plugin expects to receive?

My audio track where the plugin is loaded will only receive the controller MIDI CC data when it is highlighted. It doesn’t matter if it is record enabled or not. TO clarify, the plugin on the Audio track will only receive MIDI CC to move the parameters when the track is highlighted.

It’s impossible to know what’s going on with the info you provide.

To be able to use the QuickControl to move the plugin’s parameter the QuickControl has to set to “All MIDI Inputs” and with this setting MIDI CC cannot be recorded to the MIDI track. Only when the QuickControl is set to “Not Connected” can MIDI CC be recorded to the MIDI track.

Sorry buddy. I think we’re talking at cross-purposes. I’m just an unpaid volunteer forum user (albeit for a long time).

Hopefully someone else will jump in who’s better equipped to help you.

I appreciate it, and I will just have to prepare for a different method for the usage of the plugin in Kontakt. It will be just as good but different. :slight_smile:

It seems it is not necessary to set the QuickControls to “Not Connected” to be able to record MIDI CC to the MIDI track, as long as the MIDI CC you want to record to the track is not assigned to any Automation. This leaves som more flexibility. :slight_smile:

That sounds familiar:

Yes they could add:
Once a particular cc is in use by a remote device, like Quick Controls, or Generic Remote, (or Expression Map) it is blocked from being used by anything else or being recorded as MIDI CC. :slight_smile: