How to send MIDI CC from track to Plugin on Other Track?

  1. I have set up a MIDI track where notes and MIDI CC can be recorded.

  2. On a separate track there is a VST3 MIDI plugin.

  3. The Plugin track has an automation lane, and when this track is highlighted, MIDI CC 1 from a hardware controller controls the automation, sending it to a parameter on the plugin.

  4. The problem is that, since only highlighted tracks will respond to MIDI CC-to-Automation, the track with the plugin must be highlighted when a recording is done on the MIDI Track, to record the real-time automation data to the automation lane on the plugin track. This makes it impossible to record any automation data onto the MIDI track being recorded.

  5. Now, recording the MIDI CC along with the notes to the MIDI track will not control the plugin parameter.

  6. Even though MIDI CC input from the hardware controller is linked to the plugin’s automation lane, a recording of the MIDI CC on the MIDI track is not linked to the automation of the plugin parameter on the plugin track.

Is there a way to link the recorded MIDI CC to the Plugins automation lane, in the same way it would respond to the same input directly from the MIDI hardware controller when the Plugin track is highlighted?

It should show up in the Channel Output selector of the MIDI track if the plugin is in fact MIDI compatible

Yes, the output of the MIDI track is routed to the plugin. And it works while the plugin track is highlighted and the MIDI data comes from the hardware controller, but when it comes from the recorded MIDI track it is not linked to the automation lane on the plugin track. No matter what is highlighted.

Is it possible to route recorded MIDI CC data to a another track in Cubase? If so, how?


Yes, by using MIDI Sends, you will find a tab of that name in midi tracks’ Inspector. (not instrument tracks though, fyi)


Yes, the MIDI track is routed to the Plugin, but is not received by the plugin at playback of the recorded track, only when the MIDI CC comes from the hardware controller. See attached screenshot.

Is it possible toplay back the recorded MIDI CC route it to the VST3 MIDI PLUGIN to control a Plugin parameter/control the automated plugin parameter? If so, how?

You have the track output set to CH1, is that the MIDI Ch that the plugin uses? try setting the output to ‘Any’ or figure out exactly what the plug is set to


The plugin receives all channels. MIDI Track 1 sends on Ch1 only and is received by instruments set to receive Ch1.

The plugin is on an Audio track because it is a VST3. So it receives what is sent to it from the MIDI tracks. The audio track that holds the VST3 Plugin is set to “no bus” because it doesn’t receive any audio.

The mystery is why the plugin receives the MIDI CC from the MIDI track when the MIDI is routed from the hardware controller to the MIDI Track and then to the plugin. But when it is played back from the MIDI track it is not received.

The dilemma is that I need to automate a plugin parameter and make the automation controllable by a hardware controller. This works fine, as long as the plugin track is highlighted.

However, when individual tracks are recorded there are other parameters controlling the instrument by hardware controller, so the track being recorded must be highlighted, and then the plugin parameter no longer responds to automation input from a hardware controller.

To be able to record the MIDI CC onto the MIDI track, I must disconnect the QuickControls. This disables the Plugin’s Automation receiving MIDI CC.

When using hardware MIDI CC I must reconnect the QuickControls to be able to control the Automated Plugin parameter.

So, one solution would be to record the MIDI CC for the plugin automation onto the MIDI track and subsequently, during playback of the MIDI track, route it to the Plugin parameter automation.

The problem with this solution is that I have not been able to route the MIDI CC recorded on the MIDI track to the Plugin (which has to be loaded on an Audio track because it is a VST3 MIDI plugin. No matter if the QuickControls are disconnected or connected.

So in short: A VST3 plugin on an Audio track has an automated parameter. The goal is to control the parameter during recording and also later on during mix to adjust the automation envelope.

Now I see what’s happening. Once a particular cc is in use by a remote device, like Quick Controls, or Generic Remote, (or Expression Map) it is blocked from being used by anything else.

I don’t know what plugin this is, and don’t actually use this function of sending midi to Audio VSTs, so take my suggestion with a grain of salt –
Can you take Quick Controls out of the equation, and send the cc directly from your controller?

Possibly, I just don’t know how to do it.

You have to disconnect the midi ports of Quick Controls in Studio Setup.

I thought I had to use QuickControls to control automation with a hardware controller.

Well, a hardware controller simply sends midi messages to the host. What the host does with the message is up to you.

In this case, disconnecting Quick Controls will permit you to send midi directly to the the plugin:

hardware controller → midi track → Audio VST

I have disconnected the QuickControls to be able to record the MIDI CC onto the MIDI track. But I have not been able to route it to the plugin during playback of that recording. No matter if the QuicControls are on or off.

There are no MIDI inputs on an Audio track.

are you sure you’re sending the correct midi cc number?

?? You have routed the midi track’s output to the VST plugin, right?

Yes, i did.