How to send MIDI to audio plugins in Cubase 11? (Using Amplitube 5 with keyboard MIDI controller)

I’m using Amplitube 5 in Cubase 11 on a Windows 10 laptop with a Zoom digital mixer/usb interface. I also have an M-Audio Oxygen 61 USB keyboard MIDI controller. I want to be able to change presets and turn effects on/off in Amplitube 5 using the buttons/controls on the MIDI keyboard, however I’m having problems assigning the buttons to MIDI parameters in Amplitube.

Usually, all you have to do is right click the parameter in a VST you want to assign, select ‘MIDI CC assign’ and then hit/twist the button on the controller and it assigns it automatically. This works fine with synth VSTs, but I can’t get it to work with Amplitube. When I try to assign, I hit the buttons on the MIDI keyboard and nothing happens.

I’ve read the manual for Amplitube 5 and it says that you have to set your DAW up so that it can send MIDI to audio plugins. So how do I do that? Thanks.


Add the Amplitube to the Inserts effect. This will create virtual MIDI port.

Add MIDI Track and route its output to this Amplitube virtual MIDI port.

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Great thanks - it works! The only this is, I can only assign parameters to the knobs on the MIDI controller, but they won’t assign to the buttons. Is that likely to be to do with the settings on my MIDI keyboard, or in Cubase?


Is the parameter assinable in Amplitube? Which parameter exactly are you talking about, please?

The parameters I’m talking about are things like switching effect pedals on and off, changing amp channels, etc. Yes, all these are assignable in Amplitube 5, however I only seem to be able to assign them to the knobs on my MIDI controller keyboard rather than the buttons.