How to separate in two different staves the "Piano"

Hi, I’m sorry but probably this is a stupid question but I am quite new to Dorico…
When I use the “Piano” model in order to enter music I want to have different and separate staves and tracks for the right hand and the left hand. Infact, when I try to export the file in MIDI format and use with Logic or Garage Band, I get only one tracks for both and I woul like to have two separate tracks in order to study separately right hand and left hand.
Thanks in advance for you help.

Hi Orazio,

Your best bet is to create two generic single-staff instruments, change their names, and join them with a custom brace in Engrave mode. You can change the clef of the second one easily to bass clef.

If it’s just a matter of exporting, you could create a second piano below the first, select all the notes in the LH, and cut-paste them into the 2nd piano before exporting.