How to set a track as the default output when creating new tracks?

Hello everyone,

I was going through the forum and the manual to find some info about this, but no luck. If anyone could help that would be greatly appreciated.
How can I have a track (group track) as the default output for whenever I’m creating a new MIDI/Inst/Audio track? (Same when importing an audio file to a new track routed to this group track by default)

That would save a lot of time rather than changing it manually every single time, but cannot find any informations on this?

Thanks all.


You cannot route a MIDI Track to a Group at all.

I would try this:

  • Create a Track presets (for Audio, Instrument, FX, Group tracks) with the given output set up. Use the Track Preset instead of common adding a track.
  • Make Logical Editor preset to route selected track to the given Group. Once you add any (but MIDI) track, call the Logical Editor preset. You can assign a Key Command.

In Cubase 12, if I go Project > Add Track and select either Audio, Instrument, FX or Group, I can select an existing Group Channel under Audio Outputs.
The second time I perform the same task as above, Cubase remembered my last chosen Audio Outputs—the Group Channel I picked the first time.
This is also true if I use the Add Track Dialog.

Has this behavior changed in Cubase 13?


No, the behaviour hasn’t changed.

But I understood the request to be able to select the Group as output for the very 1st time track creation already.