How to set all faders to the same level?

I know I’m missing something obvious, but…

I want to set all my faders to the same value. If I select all the faders and then try to change the value, only the actual channel I am changing gets modified. All the other faders stay at the same value. So I linked all the faders. But then changing one fader moves them all relative to each other - which of course is what you normally want.

But what I want to do is set them all to -6.

Aloha r,

I hope this is what you mean.

AFAIK if you
1-set all faders to say, -6
2-select all faders (but do not ‘Link’ them).
3-use your up/down arrow keys and the faders should move together.

You are right.
This is not normal use for fader manipulation
but sometimes ‘a cigar is just a cigar’.


I tried but couldn’t find any other way except to hold the Control key (or Command key if you are on Mac), click on each fader so that they all go to 0 db, then select all tracks, link them, set them to -6 db and then unlink if necessary.

Ok, you could use automation and set all your faders to the same value at the moment before you pulled down the single fader of the group linked channels. And then automate that single fader movement.

That or just use automation to pull the Stereo Master down.

But maybe you are asking if you can link only a certain group of channels more easily? This is possible so ask how to do this then. When using this feature, BTW, if all channels are equal, then you can do what you are asking. However, if the various volumes are different, this would still work if you grabbed the highest level fader but not if you used the lowest level fader because the volumes are now related.

Not clear what you are trying to do, but if you want one channel to stay up while you pulled a group down, try the first idea.

Here’s 2 ideas, but I can’t test them, not in front of my DAW…

  1. Select multiple faders, type in -6 below one of the faders, hit Ctrl-Return (or maybe Alt-Return, Apple-Return??). Perhaps they all then go to -6??

  2. Select multiple faders, link them, Ctrl-click. You’ve probably tried this, but I was hoping they all went to 0dB, maybe not…


Thanks for all the suggestions so far. Will try them out when I’m at my DAW.

When I’m tracking I tend to change the levels of existing tracks to hear different stuff as needed. But eventually this results in a big mess. So at some point I’ll want to reset everything to the same value and re-balance from a level playing field. I was doing this fader by fader the other day when I thought there must be a way to do these all at once.

You might have the “Always on top” activated for the Mixer?
Right-click somewhere in the mixer to get the menu up and uncheck the “Always on top”.
Now you can select the channels you want to change and then use the up and down arrows.
This will make all of them move in sync! :sunglasses:

Watch out for the top and the bottom of the faders, though!!!
If any fader hit either end it stops but it wont go back to it’s old relative position if you change direction.
You probably won’t make such drastic moves, but just in case.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could just hit e.g. [ALT] and drag and all selected faders followed like that ???

Good ideas but what happens in case 1 is that the fader you change moves to -6 and the others stay where they were.
In the 2nd case whichever fader you click on changes to 0dB, and all the other faders move relative to that one. So if the fader next to the one you clicked on was set 2dB less than the clicked one, it will now be -2dB.

From some of the responses I think I need to explain what I’m after more clearly. Basically I’m trying to clean up the mess of level settings that occur during tracking so I can start mixing with all the faders set at the same level. Say I have 4 faders set to -3.8, -7.3, 2.6, and -0.8db. I’m hoping (well not really anymore :slight_smile: ) that there was an esay way to set them all to the same value (-6dB, 0dB I don’t really care) without having to set the level on each fader individually.

Ding, ding, ding - we have a winner

Howling, you misunderstood my questions and STILL you gave me an answer that works. I never knew about using the arrow keys like this, but it works just like you describe. However having them all move in sync is exactly what I don’t want to happen. But then you give me a warning which supplies a solution.

So I select a bunch of faders set to a bunch of different levels. Then use the down arrow to move all the faders totally down. Now I can use the up arrow to move them all up to be exactly -6dB, or any other value. Losing the relative levels between faders when they hit bottom is exactly what I want. Thanks :smiley:

Yep, that’s only one of the advantages with me:
Even when I fail I succeed!!! :sunglasses: