How to set an automation point to zero?

This is something I’m probably just ignorant about. When I add an automation lane to a track and add a point to it, I find it very hard to drag that point to exactly zero. I expected to be able to CTRL-click it or to edit the value box for it in the channel strip to the left of the lane but neither of these work. What’s the trick?

I’ve found this to be a problem as well. I’ve taken to use the info lane to adjust the value to a specific point. (Select the automation point and adjust the “value” parameter in the info lane.) The problem is that when automating a third party VST plug in (like omnisphere), the info lane doesn’t show the value of the actual parameter in question. It just gives you the generic 1-100 scale (rather than say a scale of -4800 to +4800 cents in the case of a the coarse tuning parameter in a omni part). This is unfortunate, but I just use a ratio to figure out what value I specifically want and set it in the info lane (for -4800 cents, I set the value to 0 for example, for -2400 cents I set the value to 25, etc. For “0 cents” you’d set the value to 50.)

It’s not ideal, but… eh. Work arounds are part of life when it comes to complex software like this. :slight_smile:

Hope that helps. Maybe someone else has a better way.

Use the info line at the top of the project window to type the exact value for the selected automation point. Not the value box to the left. If you don’t see the info line, click on the “view” button to toggle it. The view button is on the top left of screen, right beside the “activate project” button.

Thanks! That will work but the workflow is messy. I often do lane automation to do things like drop every breath down to -9dB. This is tedious and it would be much nicer to have some sort of key that would enable a “snap-to grid” for a point or a group of points that are selected so that they snap to key levels like 0, and other frequently used levels (e.g., if i dropped the first one down to -9dB, -9dB becomes a grid setting).

I’m not sure if I understand exactly what you are wanting to do. But if you select multiple events or automation points, change the value in the info line and hold Command (for Mac) or Control (for PC) while pressing enter, they will all snap to the same value.

Yea that would work. But you know what a snap-to grid is, right? In a drawing program? I was just thinking it would be nice if it wasn’t so hard to, for example, hit zero or Center or a set of key values without having to type them–just by dragging. Because it’s really too hard to drag a point to the middle of the lane no matter how tall you make the lane.

I think I get what you’re saying. Just like how you can snap to the musical grid, you want to be able to snap to value points on automation lanes. I think that would be an awesome addition.