how to set auto-timestrech off?

Hi guys

I have the following issue: My project is at 121 BPM setting but when I drag n drop audio files somehow cubase changes the speed of these audio file and plays them faster than they originaly were. How can I disactivate this feature?

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Disable Musical Mode of the Audio file in Cubase, please. Do so in Pool or in the Info Line of Project window, once the event is selected.

Please, search the forum, or Operation manual about this topic.

Hi Martin
Musical Mode is now off but the sample still plays to fast and not in original tempo. The same happend when I add new Vocal Samples. Is it because of the sample’s lenght maybe?

Do these files have the same sample rate as your project?

interesting point, no they d’ont. These new files are 44,1 khz while the others samples are all 48’k. So that is maybe the problem. I wonder if I can change these 44.1 files into 48 filen in Cubase?

You can have Cubase automatically make a converted copy on import or open a dialogue asking you what to do.
Not got my DAW powered up to point you exactly but take a look in preferences for the “on import” options.

Or if you prefer you can just convert in the pool after import…there’s a right click menu.