How to set CMC-PD to Play multiple Kits!


I have loaded two kits in GA5. I am using normal mode Bank 11 to play the first kit. But when I add the second kits, CMD does not play the second kit even if I play the right notes on PD.

Any ideas on how I can do this please?

Thank you.

Sadly enough, it seems you’re right. And this is again one of the things Steinberg left totally forgotten. How come you can select ch# for the QC knobs, but not for the pads on the PD? I guess the workaround is to use two instances of Groove Agent. Yes it would have been great to at least have the option to freely select a midi Channel per bank. That’s a shame, this is just a very nice petite controller, and I particularly like the sensitivness of the pads, it would had been nice to have ch selection per bank :confused:

I wish I was wrong! Thanks for checking and also for the workaround!