How to set MIDI note lengths before drawing


I’m using the pencil tool (Alt and click) to draw MIDI notes in Pro 9.5 key editor and it’s automatically drawing notes that are a whole bar in length.

Very grateful if anyone can advise how to change the default note length.


The default length will be the same as whatever your grid/snap is set to. So select a shorter value in the drop-down menu.

The easiest thing to do is to set it to the shortest length note in your piece. For example if set to 1/8 note then you can draw notes of any length that is a multiple of an 1/8th.


but I can’t see the grid snap option on the window or at least there isn’t an option to change snap type in the editor window that I can see.

Wanted to post a screenshot but can’t figure that out either!

You will probably need to reveal Length Quantise. This recent topic covers the same area:

Sorted !!

Thank you, that was frustrating!