How to set mix console settings/layout as global default?

i changed some settings in the mix console layout (eg. disabling visibility of MIDI chans, showing the transport bar) of my current project. i want these very settings to be global, hence a kind of default mix console setting, so when i ll open different projects these settings will be there without me having to do em all over nor load a mix console settings preset (i couldnt even find where to save individual mix console settings btw but it wouldnt help since i want one global default setting, not individual/several settings/presets). i couldnt find where to save the current mix console settings as global default. pls tell me how to do this.

and while we are at it i also couldnt figure out how to disable that when u click on a chan in the mix console it will jump to this chan in the sequencer window. i dont want that so when i click on a certain chan in the sequencer window and then open the mix console it shall jump to this chan but not the other way round. is that possible? and if yes where do i set it?


No, they’re either linked or not.
See the setting Sync Selection in Project Window and MixConsole under
Preferences > Editing > Editing - Project & MixConsole.

ok thx and what about saving current mix console layout as global default? is it not possible?

No, this is sadly not possible. It would be really useful to have at least some presets for the mix console configuration, like you have for audio inputs and outputs. I think I made a feature request post for this some time ago.
I created a macro with some settings that i want to have in the mix console, but this is limited as there are no commands for every possible setting.