how to set multiple cycle markers length

Good morning
I have a session with about 500 events, each with with his own cycle marker.
Now i need to change all the cycle markers to a length of 1:20 frames.
I put in the logical editor filter “media type equal marker” and
“length less 1:20 frames”
but in the action target i try to set “length set to fixed value to 1:20 frames” but the editor doesn’t let me put a value less
then 1:00:00:00 which is the start time of the session.
when i changed the start time of the session this value changed as well.
Am i doing something wrong? is this a bug? anyone has any experience with something like this?

Maybe selecting all cycle markers and adjusting the length in the INFO line typing it?

No, it might work if they were all the same length, but this way changes the cycle marker relevant to their original length. it doesn’t change them all to the same length.
But thanks for the suggestion.

it works here when I type:
-1 23:00:01:20 in the “set to fixed value” box


I just changed the start time of the session to 00:00:00:00 and then it let me put 01:20 into the value with no problem and it worked.
seems like a bug to me, can’t think of a reason why the start time should have any connection to the length value, but maybe i am missing something.